Kevin McGloshen, KPM Photography


Video: Clean Energy Rally in Louisville

Here’ s my latest video… and yes, I’m sure you’re saying, “latest video? I never saw a first video … or a second video??”

This will soon be a regular feature on the site, showcasing some of the videos that I’m shooting for The Courier-Journal here in Louisville. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Enjoy the first of many.

Energy_Rally_KM from Kevin McGloshen on Vimeo.

Mundane Assignments

There was a time when journalism was romantic. Jet setting, sophisticated, cosmopolitan … the days of Robert Capa, W. Eugene Smith, Ernie Pyle and Edward R. Murrow. I picture myself wearing a somewhat Indiana Jones-ish style outfit, sipping rum in a bar in Havana while reporting on the rise of Fidel Castro. Or maybe standing on a rooftop, a cigarette sticking out of my mouth as I photograph the first wave of the German Luftwaffe.

This is one of the reasons that journalism so enthralled me in college. Studying these old badasses made journalism seem like a most exciting undertaking. Add the fact that my images could end up in history books and you can see the appeal. Read more…