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Santa Chair

Lessons of a freelance photographer

The process of becoming a photographer takes many forms. Some begin in school and some are self-taught, while others are able to turn a hobby into a thriving photography business. As varied as our modes of becoming a photographer are our expectations for the future.

My journey began in college, carried me into the newspaper business and eventually to my current place in the butt-clenching world of freelance. Am I happy? Yes. Was this the path I envisioned during my intro to photography class way back in college? No.

Did I ever think that one day I would be shooting weddings? Hell no, I’m a “damn photojournalist.” How about baby or maternity photos? Not even close. And the epitome of mockery among myself and my classmates … the Santa photos. Ha, not in the furthest reaches of my mind could I have pictured myself wrangling screaming kids into the lap of a fake Santa, dangling candy canes and wishes in front of hopeful children. Read more…

I have a blog?

Holy self examination, Batman! It’s been the better part of a year since I’ve posted on my blog and I’m feeling like I’ve let … ummm … NO ONE DOWN. No one aside from myself.

I have officially been a freelance photographer for a year now, and I’m realizing that I’ve done things all backwards. You know… just a little ‘Kenneth Parcell.’ Now, maybe I didn’t live every week like it’s shark week, but I went to college, sure, then went to work for a newspaper full time without realizing the wonderfully frustrating world of freelance photography. I am a freelancer now and I love it, but I should have done this a long time ago. I’ll explain …

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