Kevin McGloshen, KPM Photography


Nikon Versus Canon

It’s the age old question: Who makes the best camera, Nikon or Canon? Any photographer worth her salt has had this conversation with a colleague. Maybe it was over a pint after class, or maybe on assignment as you wait for the president to arrive. Regardless, as photographers we’ve all fought for our particular brand … but what’s the deal?

As a photojournalist, picking a brand of camera to use is not a particularly difficult decision. You have two options. If you plan to work for a newspaper, you’ll be shooting Nikon or Canon … guaranteed. If you’re a commercial photographer, more than likely you’ll be using your own equipment, so, whatever. Fashion photographers are probably using a combination of 35 mm and medium format, but I’d bet a dollar their 35 mm rig is Nikon or Canon.

Let me take you back to my early days of college, the days when I was first moving into my courses on photography, the days when I had no camera. Read more…