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The dinosaur wedding photo

Pinterest was a buzz this year with a photo of a wedding party running from a snarling, blarling, T-Rex dinosaur baddie, a funny little throwaway photo that probably wouldn’t make the final album, but served for some serious laughs for the wedding party and probably the photographer. I’m not sure whose idea it was (photographer or bride/groom), but the Internet went crazy for what social media dubbed, “the greatest wedding photo of all time!*”

I’ll admit I thought it was clever. Maybe even more clever than the beautiful Asian couple fighting their way through an engagement session filled with a mob(?) of assailing zombies. Honestly, I didn’t give it much thought (aside from mocking my journalistic upbringing for making me so blind to the artistic possibilities of inserting historical monsters/kaiju into wedding portraiture). Read more…


What is BOKEH?

Not sure how many of you fine people have found yourself reading a review of a lens and wondered, “bokeh, what the hell are they talking about?” Well don’t be alarmed, you’re among friends.

Basically, ‘bokeh’ (pronounced BOH-KAY) is a fancy word for ‘blur.’ That’s the long and short of it. Why we need another word for blur I’m not really sure, but the Japanese have words and sometimes we like to steal them. Maybe it’s to make ourselves feel more educated or sophisticated, but it just sounds like doctor-speak to me. Read more…

I have a blog?

Holy self examination, Batman! It’s been the better part of a year since I’ve posted on my blog and I’m feeling like I’ve let … ummm … NO ONE DOWN. No one aside from myself.

I have officially been a freelance photographer for a year now, and I’m realizing that I’ve done things all backwards. You know… just a little ‘Kenneth Parcell.’ Now, maybe I didn’t live every week like it’s shark week, but I went to college, sure, then went to work for a newspaper full time without realizing the wonderfully frustrating world of freelance photography. I am a freelancer now and I love it, but I should have done this a long time ago. I’ll explain …

Read more…