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The dinosaur wedding photo

Pinterest was a buzz this year with a photo of a wedding party running from a snarling, blarling, T-Rex dinosaur baddie, a funny little throwaway photo that probably wouldn’t make the final album, but served for some serious laughs for the wedding party and probably the photographer. I’m not sure whose idea it was (photographer or bride/groom), but the Internet went crazy for what social media dubbed, “the greatest wedding photo of all time!*”

I’ll admit I thought it was clever. Maybe even more clever than the beautiful Asian couple fighting their way through an engagement session filled with a mob(?) of assailing zombies. Honestly, I didn’t give it much thought (aside from mocking my journalistic upbringing for making me so blind to the artistic possibilities of inserting historical monsters/kaiju into wedding portraiture).

That being said, earlier this year I had the privilege of photographing the wedding of a wonderful couple in Southern Indiana. They were gracious and accommodating, and, more importantly, were very generous with the Jameson during the 30-minute ride to the reception.

The bride was a Pinterester and wanted to do something similar to the dinosaur wedding picture that had been making the web rounds, and her wedding party seemed game for a little frolicking through the fields. I rattled off a couple shots without too many groans from the party before heading toward the limo to see who else we could “ICE.”

The picture posted above is the result and I’m really pleased with it. I wouldn’t have suggested making the photo myself, but I’m always intrigued by a challenge. I had so much fun at the wedding that I was more than willing to use a little Photoshop magic to make a memorable moment for my friends/clients by bringing a big bitey monster to life. The groom may have a bit of a “Pee-Wee-Herman-Running-From-Francis” look about him, but it only makes me like this photograph more. Of course, he did it on purpose just to get me to wave my arms around like a lunatic screaming, “no, no, just … like you’re running from a giant, fire-breathing beasty.”

The reason for writing today is to remind my fellow photographers that “fun” should always be at the top of our priority list while photographing a wedding. Business is business, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun doing it.

And to those bride and grooms, when you’re thinking of photos to create to remember your special day, just remember the words of the immortal Tom and Donna … “TREAT. YO. SELF.


*of note: Noam Chomsky hates exclamation marks**


**but that doesn’t mean you have to.


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