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I have a blog?

Holy self examination, Batman! It’s been the better part of a year since I’ve posted on my blog and I’m feeling like I’ve let … ummm … NO ONE DOWN. No one aside from myself.

I have officially been a freelance photographer for a year now, and I’m realizing that I’ve done things all backwards. You know… just a little ‘Kenneth Parcell.’ Now, maybe I didn’t live every week like it’s shark week, but I went to college, sure, then went to work for a newspaper full time without realizing the wonderfully frustrating world of freelance photography. I am a freelancer now and I love it, but I should have done this a long time ago. I’ll explain …

When I left my small little community newspaper I had been working in the Louisville area for over eight years. That’s a long-ass time. Over that time I never owned my own DSLR … for serious. I had an understanding with my publishers, so I was able to use my work equipment (i.e. my camera and a wide angle 2.8) on my “other” jobs, no questions asked.

Now, this was a two way street. Sure, I was using their equipment for my side jobs, but I was also using all my equipment for all of their jobs (i.e. 70-200 2.8, 24-70 2.8, 2 strobes, a strobotron light kit, stands, tripods, a stereo recorder, slaves, etc etc). It’s hard being a small town photographer and not using your own equipment. I’m not going to get into that yet, afterall, this is a ‘welcome back’ blog and I’m obviously going to need more material for what I have planned. Let’s just say that I spent a lot of money on equipment this past year.

So it’s been a year since I went freelance, and it has been a wild ride. Some months great, some pretty terrible (damn you August), but I survived. Things have changed, oh yes, but I am working and paying my bills. I live with a beautiful woman that believes in me, and I’ve been working in the field nearly every day since the Christmas holiday. I haven’t left journalism behind, not by a long shot, photographing several assignments a week for The Courier-Journal. And I’ve been picking up a lot of new clients just by keeping up old relationships. Things have been going swimmingly as of late, but that is not why I write tonight. Tonight is a promise, not to you but to myself. Keep up my writing, keep up my photography, and grow baby grow. See you soon.

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