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A book to get you on the “Fast Track”

I have been reading a stack of books these days about the business of photography, and Dane Sanders’ “The Fast Track Photography Business Plan” made an insightful plea for a new way of looking at the business of photography. This might sound like a boring prospect and an even boring-er read, but the explosion of new ‘professional photographers’ working these days makes it more important than ever to look creatively at how we approach the business aspect of the photography we create.

The business of photography has changed drastically since I graduated from college over a decade ago. The ‘old’ model seems to be broken and a lot of shooters are struggling to find the ‘new’ model. Mr. Sanders makes several compelling arguments for looking creatively at the business side of photography in the same way we look creatively at making photographs. Let’s face it, our passion lies with photography, not business, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use our creativity to fuel our business plan in order to stand out from the gaggle of amateurs vying for the jobs we need to be successful.

I have never been interested in business, and to that end it was a huge step for me to even open a book like this. But upon reading the first few chapters, certain things started to resonate. Mr. Sanders laid out all the little short cuts and bad habits that we are all guilty of when we begin to build our business. Getting out of this mode of thinking had been the hardest part for me, but I have begun to realize that I am more than a photographer, I am a brand and I am a business … and that’s OK.

Now I’m no book reviewer but “Fast Track” is a good read. It’s packed with excellent resources easily accessed on the Internet, as well as several business stress tests that give you actual real-time feedback. The book is actually Mr. Sanders’ second book and is geared toward professional photographers that are looking to make a change in their business model. And for all you editorial folks, try to look past all the misspellings and bad grammar, it’s still a relatively new book. Happy reading.

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